OXOS Medical and ImageBiopsy Lab Announce the Availability of the PANDA Pediatric Bone Age Algorithm with the Micro C

Integrated offering provides reliable bone age assessments quickly, speeding diagnostic decision-making for pediatric patients.

Micro C used for pediatric MSK clinic

OXOS Medical, inventor of the Micro C – the world’s first handheld dynamic digital x-ray device, is proud to announce the integration of ImageBiopsy Lab’s PANDA Pediatric Bone Algorithm for Diagnostic MSK Imaging to assist in the assessment of bone age for pediatric patients at the point of care. This integration automates and accelerates the highly subjective and time-consuming method, the Greulich & Pyle Atlas assessment.

IB Lab is at the forefront of radiographic artificial intelligence, and we are excited to be part of their deployment,” says Evan Ruff, CEO of OXOS Medical. “By integrating directly with OXOS, bone age assessments are embedded in the pediatric patient workflow, as opposed to adding a time consuming and expensive step in traditional care scenarios.” Philip Meier, CCO, and Co-founder of IBL, states, “Bone age assessment is a natural fit for IB Lab’s machine learning expertise. X-ray bone age estimates are an ideal problem for computational automation, and IB Lab is excited to expand access to this technology.”

In pediatric orthopedics, the determination of bone age is critical to the success of the intervention. The child’s predicted bone age guides the specific course of treatment, informing determinations around internal or external fixation, casting and bracing, and other associated procedures.

“When working with pediatric patients, I’m always concerned about their growth trajectory and protecting the patient from excess radiation as much as possible,” says Dr. Greg Kolovich, Orthopedic Surgeon and Co-founder of OXOS Medical. “With PANDA available right at the point of care, it’s as simple as a click of the x-ray, and I have the information I need. All this in the exam room, with the parent present, without having to send the child to the ‘scary’ x-ray suite.”

IB Lab PANDA uses deep learning technology to report bone age based on the Greulich & Pyle scale and provides automated results within 5 seconds. IB Lab PANDA’s automated bone age estimates are accurate within 5.4 months.

The combination of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and low-dose, point of care x-ray allow providers to apply the latest international medical standards to enable timely and accurate decision making. IB Lab and OXOS look forward to delivering a full suite of Radiographic AI Algorithms to make radiographic diagnostics available to anyone, anywhere, to improve patient care and access to radiographic diagnostics.

About OXOS™ Medical
OXOS™ Medical puts the future of X-ray in your hands. OXOS Micro CⓇ, the first handheld Dynamic Digital Radiographic X-ray system, is faster, safer, and smarter than conventional x-ray solutions and has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510k clearance for radiographic imaging and DDR of the distal extremity in adults and children. Micro C brings radiologic diagnosis to the point of care with a handheld X-ray that delivers medical imaging with clarity and accuracy while operating safely without a radiation suite in most cases. The cloud-based OXOS™ Platform offers growing capabilities for on-demand image management, telehealth collaboration, and delivery of AI diagnostics. Additional information at: oxos.com or info@oxos.com.

About ImageBiosy Lab
ImageBiopsy Lab, the Vienna-based MSK AI-solution developer, was founded as a spin-off in late 2016. The company develops and offers award-winning AI-driven software applications that digitize musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostics on radiographs, providing radiologists and orthopedics with fast, quantitative, and standardized reports of disease-relevant findings and measurements. Today, ImageBiopsy Lab has offices in the EU and the US. It brings together an interdisciplinary, international team of physicians, clinical researchers, and software experts, sharing the passion for a lasting and meaningful impact on digital healthcare.

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