Medgadget: A Handheld X-Ray System: Interview with Evan Ruff & Gregory Kolovich, Co-Founders of OXOS Medical

OXOS Medical, a medtech spin-off out of Georgia Tech, has created the Micro C, an FDA cleared handheld X-ray system that is designed to image the distal extremities, from the shoulder to the hand and from the knee to the foot. The device is intended to prevent situations in which clinicians have to handle and operate large machinery to perform simple X-ray imaging of small bones in the extremities, and allows them to conduct imaging right at the point of care.

The device can be deployed during surgical procedures, and allows surgeons to more easily capture images that could be difficult to obtain using large, fixed equipment. The small size and portable nature of the system may also help to increase access to medical imaging in low-resource and remote areas of the world.

OXOS reports that the device emits very low levels of radiation compared with traditional X-ray systems. This means that the Micro C can be used for dynamic digital radiography, meaning that it can produce ‘X-ray videos’, allowing clinicians to perform guided injections or study bones in motion.

Medgadget had the opportunity to speak with the OXOS Medical co-founders, Evan Ruff, CEO, and Gregory Kolovich, Chief Medical Officer, about the technology.

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