OXOS Medical creates next-generation medical device development platform to power Micro C handheld x-ray device

OXOS Medical is seeking to rapidly enhance x-ray and has been quickly scaling its efforts to market the highly sought after device, the Micro C, to provide cutting edge technology to radiology. With the swift expansion of OXOS Medical’s team to adapt to the changing and highly complex regulatory environment, OXOS Medical sought to improve its R&D efficiency, reduce cost and create an agile organization to meet the regulatory burden.

With COVID-19 disrupting many organizations, Porsche Consulting, Inc. and OXOS Medical, two Atlanta based companies, have teamed up to collaborate and deliver a unique opportunity to define new ways of working to lower costs, strengthen organizational performance, and reduce time to market for advanced medical devices. Porsche Consulting’s global expertise and extensive product strategy and development knowledge in the medical technology industry and other sectors will expand OXOS’s existing best-in-class program management processes. “Innovative drive of OXOS Medical, reinforced with our visionary product creation processes, is positioned to disrupt the field of x-ray,” commented Gregor Harman, Partner, Industrial Goods and Medical Technology.

Approaching the problem with entrepreneurial spirit and an innovative culture, both teams have created a scalable and agile organization to compound the impressive track-record of OXOS Medical co-founders Dr. Gregory Kolovich and Evan Ruff. “With Porsche Consulting bringing its unique combination of entrepreneurship and hands-on mentality to OXOS Medical, they were able to provide innovative solutions that create real business value. We are ecstatic about increasing the effectiveness of research and development, quality management, and production logistics as we launch,” remarked Evan Ruff, OXOS Chief Executive Officer.”

OXOS Medical plans an immediate rollout of the innovative system enhancements to assist the launch of Micro C, the world’s first handheld, live x-ray device. Medical professionals and distribution networks around the world have displayed keen interest in deploying both the clinical and surgical versions of the Micro C X-ray device into medical practices, public and private hospital systems, and academic healthcare institutions, as well as medical clinics serving patients in remote locations around the globe.

About Porsche Consulting, Inc.
Porsche Consulting, Inc. operates on the principle of “strategic vision, smart implementation”. Its consulting experts support companies worldwide primarily with major transformations, performance improvement and innovative capacity enhancement to help them become the Porsche of their industry. Clients range from large corporations to medium-sized companies in the automotive, aerospace and industrial goods industries, as well as financial services, consumer goods, medical technology and pharma. The company engages in the client’s culture from shop floor to C-suite, using a see-one, do-one, coach-one transfer of knowledge to instill new capabilities and ensure that the client designs, develops and owns the ultimate solution.


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