OXOS Offers At-Home Follow-Up

OXOS Healthcare makes it simple for patients and providers to connect in our digital world. OXOS enables orthopedic, rheumatology, and other medical specialties to execute x-ray studies at the patient’s home or office.

OXOS enhances patient and provider relationships by seamlessly capturing mobile radiographic visits through our digital platform. Together, we increase choice and equitable access to care by untethering the requirement for in-office x-ray visits.

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OXOS Healthcare is Easy to Use

Providers can use the service to perform post-surgery follow-ups, manage chronic care conditions (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis), or monitor non-operative healing and recovery. To start, Providers make a referral to OXOS Healthcare, selecting the applicable surgeon-designed exam protocol.


Patients schedule a 30-minute appointment at a time and place convenient for them. OXOS Healthcare mobile service providers are dispatched to the patient-designated location—at the home or office—to perform the exams and collect the information requested by the Provider.

The Provider can review the exam information at a convenient time to determine the next steps. Then, the Provider can communicate the care path to the patient, either through OXOS Platform or directly. OXOS makes it possible to provide seamless, remote patient care while saving the patient, provider, and practice time.

OXOS Healthcare Streamlines Your Practice

OXOS Healthcare helps clinics run faster by providing non-invasive radiological exams outside the clinic’s walls. OXOS integrates into all leading PACS and EHR services, providing seamless data flow into the current clinical workflows.

Providers enjoy the time saved and additional flexibility that OXOS Healthcare provides, reflected through outstanding provider satisfaction scores. Patients love the option to access their care from home or office, and report exceedingly positive interactions with the OXOS Healthcare home health program.

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