What’s New

Software Release 1.4

Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) playback viewer

Click-and-drag frame selectionA

Touch the blue playback bar at any time
to skip to a desired location in the series.

Single-frame forward and backwards buttons B

Two new buttons will advance one frame
forward or backwards on each press.

New foot pedal remote trigger

Hands-free operation capability

Left pedal – activate trigger

Right pedal – cycle through photographic and radiographic modes

Connect foot pedal to M01 control unit
by included USB cord.

The foot pedal must be provided by OXOS
Medical to operate the M01 system.

Configurable required DICOM fields & Body part examined values

Easily control what fields are required for studies sent to PACS or USB

Add a tag to images with the body part examined DICOM field (0018,0015)

Open the DICOM Fields panel of the Micro-C menu.

Required fields and body part examined options may be turned on or off using the toggle buttons.

OXOS Platform Services integration

Micro-C devices will now be ready to connect to the OXOS Platform

The OXOS Platform will be ready for use on iOS, Android, and web browsers very soon. Keep an eye out for the release coming up!

The OXOS Platform brings instantaneous accessibility to all radiographic studies, giving providers the best in modern imaging management

Platform services are optional and will not be active until the terms have been accepted

New configurable time zone

Adjust the system time of the device

Allows for accurate recording within
the image data

Open the About panel of the Micro-C menu.
Select the appropriate time zone.