What’s New

Software Release 1.3

On-Screen Keyboard

Type using the touchscreen monitor

Physical keyboards are unaffected by
this change, both can be used.

Send entire Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR) to PACS or USB

Creates a single DICOM file that contains the entire DDR series

Play the series or skip frame to frame with all standard DICOM viewers

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Support

Battery backup system placed on point-of-care cart

System can be moved room to room and remain powered on

System must be connected to a grounded outlet to allow x-ray capture.

UPS installed by OXOS medical staff or partner.

DICOM Modality
Worklist Integration

Create X-ray orders in your EHR, send them to the Micro-C

No need for typing in patient information on the device

Requires PACS support for Modality Worklist.