The Future of X-ray

OXOS is transforming medical imaging with innovative, portable X‑ray solutions


Patient and provider safety is our first priority

OXOS develops X‑ray devices with low radiation profiles while maintaining excellent image quality.


OXOS solutions are portable, modular, and easy to use

Easily capture views at different angles and across diverse care settings. OXOS solutions are designed for efficiency and ease of use.


Diagnosis at the point of need

OXOS devices have optimized X‑ray alignment capabilities and a no-fire positioning system for excellent image quality and minimal radiation exposure.


OXOS Experience

Dr. Marc Tanner

Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon at Tanner Orthopaedics / Founder of Safety On Site, Pro Off-Road Racing Physician

“My experience with OXOS has been life-changing. They have opened doors for my practice and my non-profit (Safety On Site) to provide on-site medical care at professional off-road racing events.”

Dr. Kevin Kaplan

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute / Head Team Physician Jacksonville Jaguars

“X-ray machines and techniques have not seen any type of change throughout my 20 years in Orthopaedics. I am confident that the OXOS technology will revolutionize the way we treat patients in years to come.”

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  1. The Micro C is US FDA cleared and is available in the United States. Products may not be available for sale in all regions. Orders will be taken only in the regions where the product is cleared or approved by local regulatory authorities, as required.
  2. The use of operator PPE/lead is encouraged, and the requirement for doing so varies by state and region. Please refer to your local regulations to verify whether operator shielding is required.
  3. MC2 is pending 510(k), not available for sale within the United States.
  4. MAR-M02-065, Rev A