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Higher patient satisfaction, improved outcomes, fantastic reimbursement, and a more efficient practice. All with Micro C®.

Our mission is for anyone anywhere to access radiologic diagnostics at the point-of-care, expanding availability and changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Radiologic Diagnostics Delivered


OXOS® Medical is driving innovation in the delivery and distribution of medical imaging and radiographic diagnostics. OXOS manufactures the Micro C, the world’s first handheld x-ray for use in clinical and surgical care scenarios.

Micro C brings x-ray to the point of care, enabling medical imaging with clarity, safety, accuracy, and speed. Every OXOS device connects to our leading radiographic imaging platform, allowing seamless image management and knowledge sharing while simultaneously distributing teleradiology and radiographic artificial intelligence at scale.

OXOS innovations in fundamental x-ray technology brings high quality, safe, dynamic radiographic imaging out of the rad suite directly to the point of care”.

OXOS innovations in fundamental x-ray technology brings high quality, safe, dynamic radiographic imaging out of the rad suite directly to the point of care”.



OXOS Medical, Inc. was founded in May of 2016 to develop and commercialize the world’s first handheld dynamic digital radiography device for orthopedic surgery. Devised by Dr. Greg Kolovich, a Harvard-trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, the device is designed to address a number of shortcomings of the traditional C-Arm.

While designing and developing the Micro C, it became apparent that the advantages of the device translated into a huge number of adjacent care scenarios. By leveraging the sensor stack of the device, combined with the cloud connected platform, OXOS is able to bring radiographic diagnostics to the point of care. The Micro C is a safe, fast and accurate imaging device and enables x-ray imaging at the point of care.

01—Micro C Sketch

02—Micro C Render

03—OXOS Stage

04—Control Unit

05—Tube Design

06—Detector Prototype

The Team

Gregory P. Kolovich photograph Gregory P. Kolovich photograph Gregory P. Kolovich photograph

The Founders

Gregory P. Kolovich, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

Greg is responsible for all clinical facets of the Micro C device. He leads the OXOS Medical Advisory Board and manages all clinical user needs and research. Greg is the company’s liaison to the medical community. While performing reconstructive hand surgery at Harvard Medical School, Greg became frustrated with the traditional imaging process, inspiring him to create the Micro C.

Photo of Evan M. Ruff Photo of Evan M. Ruff Photo of Evan M. Ruff

The Founders

Evan M. Ruff

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Mr. Ruff is a serial entrepreneur with a history of building high technology products, bringing a strong engineering driven approach to OXOS. Evan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from the Georgia Institue of Technology. Evan is a member of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) Cybersecurity Working Group and leads the business, IP, and technology functions of the company.

The Board

Josh Hix


Josh is Co-Founder and former CEO of Plated, which was acquired by the Albertsons Companies family of grocery brands in 2017 for $300M to create the first truly omnichannel meal kit experience.

Charlie Bourland III

Charlie Bourland is a 27 year orthopedic and medical device insider based in Miami. He has been involved with multiple start-ups including Distal Extremities and Arthrogenx and is the inventor of the first curved, reusable suture passer.

Dr. James Stubbs

Dr. Stubbs has 30 years’ experience in the medical device and diagnostic/therapeutic radiology spaces. His early career began as a contractor to the FDA evaluating radiopharmaceutical investigational new drug (IND) applications and new drug applications (NDA).

Andy Thorson

Throughout his 30 year executive career, Andy has held leadership positions with Pegasus Capital as Partner and Director; Varian Medical Systems, Inc. as VP Business Development; Yoot, Inc. as CEO and Founder; Veracyte as EVP, Strategy & Business Development.