MC2 Go

Portable X-ray on the Go

X-ray on the Move

MC2 Go carries all the same power in a compact design. It gives access to diagnoses and care where and when it matters most.
  • Single Radiography
  • DDR (Dynamic Digital Radiography)
  • Photography

What’s included with MC2 Go?

Portable X-ray Device
Rugged Travel Case
Waterproof, lockable case with foam inserts and wheels
Handheld Display Tablet
Touchscreen tablet with OXOS app
MC2 Go


MC2 Go is battery powered and our most portable X-Ray solution. Being completely wireless allows providers to bring X-ray to the sports facility and on the road.
MC2 Go has an intuitive interface that guides users confidently through loading factors, alignment, and more.
Because both the emitter and cassette are wireless, providers have far more versatility in patient alignment and positioning.
MC2 Go was made to transport from facility to facility, through an airport, or conveniently in the trunk of your car.
  1. The Micro C is US FDA cleared and is available in the United States. Products may not be available for sale in all regions. Orders will be taken only in the regions where the product is cleared or approved by local regulatory authorities, as required.
  2. The use of operator PPE/lead is encouraged, and the requirement for doing so varies by state and region. Please refer to your local regulations to verify whether operator shielding is required.
  3. MC2 is pending 510(k), not available for sale within the United States.
  4. MAR-M02-069, Rev A