Portable X-ray

MC2 is pending FDA clearance and not yet available for sale

Changing How Healthcare is Delivered

Wireless, Portable X-ray Device

OXOS is on a mission to enable radiographic diagnostics anywhere, anytime. MC2 features four distinct modes: Radiography, Dynamic Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, and Photography mode.


Designed for efficiency

MC2 was designed to create an easy imaging experience for patients and care providers. The form factor of MC2 allows for workplace integration and allows for care at the point of need.


Excellent image quality with modern automations

Easily capture views at different angles and across diverse care settings. OXOS solutions are designed for efficiency and ease of use.


Low radiation profile

MC2 uses low X-ray tube voltage (40–80 kV) and radiation intensity (1–2 mA), resulting in a small scatter area. Its patented “no-fire” positioning system determines the distance and angle of the X-ray source from the detector, preventing users from emitting radiation unless the device is properly aligned.


Experience the portability, flexibility, and ease of use of MC2

MC2 Clinic
Portable X‑ray for the Clinic
MC2 Go
Portable X‑ray on the Go
MC2 Lab
Portable X-ray for Bioskills Use
  1.  MC2 is pending 510(k), not available for sale within the United States.
  2. The use of operator PPE/lead is encouraged, and the requirement for doing so varies by state and region. Please refer to your local regulations to verify whether operator shielding is required.
  3. MAR-M02-067, Rev A