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At OXOS Medical Imaging we want to change the way healthcare is delivered. Our mission is for anyone to be able to access radiologic diagnostics when and where they need to. Our innovative technology means that patients who work with practices employing the Micro C can now access fast, safe and high-quality radiographic imaging at the point of care.

We are proud to have designed the Micro C, the world’s first handheld x-ray for use in clinical and surgical care scenarios. We want to share the benefits of this technology with you, so you can see first-hand the positive impact it can make to your practice.

Our OXOS Medical Clinical Operations team is standing by, ready to show you how the faster, safer, and smarter Micro C can revolutionize radiology for you and your team. Either on site or with a virtual demonstration, Micro C can increase patient satisfaction, improve efficiency, and revenue in your practice. You’ll see how easy it is to capture, adjust and refine radiographics using just one hand.

To schedule a demo now, please email Select a time that works for you and our clinical operations team will walk through the device and technology, show how easy it is to use, and explain how the Micro C can help your practice.


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