Connected Devices


OXOS Devices are directly connected to the OXOS Platform. From the surgical suite to the most remote clinic, OXOS puts cloud integration and access first. Teleradiology Services and AI Diagnostics can leverage this technology to open new distribution channels and deliver better care.

Cloud native design allows OXOS to enable providers anywhere to safely access radiologic diagnostics at the point-of-care, expanding availability and changing the way healthcare is delivered.

Direct Access

To achieve our vision, OXOS has built a comprehensive service architecture to allow our partners direct access to the radiological care chain, when and where it is needed. Our partners span all types of imaging diagnostics, from traditional teleradiology to the most advanced, hyper-specific AI powered algorithms. If you have built, or are building, radiological services, follow the link below to learn more about how OXOS can accelerate your efforts.


Radiology Anywhere

OXOS devices are easy to use and do not require a lead-lined room1. Our devices are deployed in many care settings where a radiologist is not on staff. These facilities, such as Urgent Care and Primary Care Practices, use teleradiology services for primary reads.



OXOS partners with Joint Commission Accredited service providers to push teleradiology into new care scenarios. With one-click “Send to Teleradiology” functionality built into every device, OXOS creates a channel for providers to offer imaging, and teleradiologists can access new streams of reads. OXOS handles all integration, billing, and routing functionality, allowing teleradiology providers to focus on what they do best: providing care to as many patients as possible.

Radiologic Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way medical care is delivered. With both CADx and CADe algorithms gaining wide acceptance throughout the profession, publishers are finding new ways to deliver care that were previously unimaginable. Bringing these algorithms to market is a critical part of making healthcare better, faster, and more accessible.

OXOS can help. With Micro C, AI publishers can execute their algorithms at the point of care, delivering diagnostics directly to patients and providers. Operators can access these applications seamlessly, bringing lifesaving algorithms directly to the people that need them.

OXOS devices use API wrappers to send DICOM studies to installed AI containers on the device, offline and in real time. This architecture gives publishers the ultimate flexibility to manage and iterate on their work, and gives patients and providers access to a plethora of cutting edge algorithms.

Photograph of OXOS Platform Displayed on Tablet

New Channels

The OXOS Platform creates new distribution channels and business models that have previously been unworkable for publishers. Publishers have direct, dynamic control over their pricing: per site, per device, or per use. Publishers can tailor their offerings to every size provider. By leveraging OXOS’s existing technical and financial relationships, publishers have a frictionless way to deploy and bill for their technologies.

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  1. Dependent on specific state and local regulations.