Better Care


High patient satisfaction, positive outcomes, proven reimbursement, and a more efficient practice. All with Micro C.



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Better Care

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Constant Care Continuum


Patients put their trust in their healthcare providers every day. This trust creates an emotional bond between the doctor and the patient. With OXOS, you don’t have to send away a patient for image studies or interventional procedures. Micro C brings DDR directly to the point of care, strengthening the bond between patient and provider and increasing patient satisfaction.

Clinical Activation

Even in the most well run orthopedic clinic, the difficulty of precisely caring for the needs of each and every patient can be challenging. OXOS and Micro C put the capabilities to deliver the best possible care, immediately, right in your hand.


Guided injections are accessible and seamlessly delivered with OXOS. Micro C gives the provider needle position clarity right at the point of care.

Photograph of guided injections using OXOS Medical Imaging

Motion Studies

Post-surgical follow-ups, device placement, range of motion studies, and stress exams are all accessible in the clinic without the need of a lead-lined room1. Micro C enables surgeons to assess motion from any angle.

Photograph of Motion Study in Post Surgical Follow-up



Micro C enjoys proven reimbursement across the care continuum. In addition to reimbursement at the point of care, Micro C reduces surgical time, increases facility optimization and can reduce strain on facility resources, both temporal and human.

Surgical efficiency


Micro C enables fast, efficient, and accurate surgical procedures. Without the need to constantly redrape and move the device, time under anesthesia may be reduced and patient outcomes may be improved. Micro C gives the surgeon control, which may result in clearer images and fewer reshoots.

Seamless Integration

Illustration showing OXOS Device DECOM Compatibility

DICOM Compatible

OXOS Devices are DICOM-compatible, meaning a seamless integration into your existing PACS servers. Micro C behaves like any other machine, sending best-in-class images for use with existing tools.

Illustration of a List on a Computer Screen


Entering in patient data can be an error-prone hassle. OXOS devices connect directly to existing worklists, making lookup and study creation easy.

OXOS Illustration of Compatibility with EMR Providers


The OXOS family of devices are compatible with all major EMR providers. EPIC, Cerner, Athena, and others all work seamlessly with Micro C.

OXOS FHIR Compatibility Illustration

FHIR Compatible

With OXOS, providers can capture, send, interpret, and bill all from the device. OXOS has full EMR templating capabilities for more efficient interpretation.

Platform Services
OXOS platform displayed on tablet

Seamless Integration

Platform Services

Powered by OXOS®

Every OXOS device is connected to the OXOS Platform. This seamless integration between the device and physician enables an ease of use that has never before been deployed to radiographic diagnostics. Every study is instantly accessible across devices, desktop, tablet and web and enables a new paradigm of communication and collaboration between providers. Struggling with physical media and faded prints is relegated to the dustbin. OXOS brings instantaneous accessibility to all radiographic devices, giving providers the modern imaging management they expect.

  1. Dependent on specific state and local regulations.