Savannah medical company achieves FDA clearance

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Savannah medical start-up OXOS Medical recently closed a long, complex chapter in its short history. Last month the company’s debut product, a handheld digital medical imaging solution that takes X-rays and photographs known as the Micro C Medical Imaging System, was granted clearance by the Food and Drug Administration.

OXOS co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Greg Kolovich said FDA clearance of their technology is just the start for the company.

“Now the company can actually really start with and actually sell the device,” Kolovich said. “The demand is far greater than supply at this point, which is a good problem to have. We can’t make them fast enough for people”

First introduced in 2017, Micro C is aimed at replacing the current equipment used in operating rooms, known as a C-Arm, which is similar in size to a hospital bed.

Dr Kolovich was inspired to create the innovative design while performing reconstructive hand surgery at Harvard Medical School after noticing some shortcomings with the traditional imaging process.

Its portability, safety, speed and clarity are just some of the features that are making people excited. The team are currently offering in-person or virtual demonstrations of the product, so that prospective purchasers can see first-hand how the technology works.



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