Georgia Tech Alumni Team Targets Q2 2017 Introduction of Innovative Micro C™ Digital Medical Imaging Solution

Orthopedic microsurgeon and Georgia Institute of Technology engineer Greg Kolovich returned to Georgia in 2015 as a practicing surgeon and a “doctorpreneur”. He invented the Micro C™, a unique medical imaging solution, inspired by a challenging reconstructive hand surgery he performed during his fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. Kolovich knew there had to be a better way to take X-rays and photographs to guide the precise techniques used by surgeons just like him. Existing fluoroscopy equipment, the C-Arm and Mini-C Arm, are 60-year old dinosaurs – awkward and time-consuming to manipulate. The prolonged exposure to the X-rays emitted by these devices is excessive for both the patient and the medical staff. Kolovich MD/MPH, Chief Medical Officer and Founder, sums up the powerful set of benefits with, “What the Micro C™ solution uniquely provides is much greater accuracy, clarity, safety, and speed and simultaneously transmits secure, real-time images, data and billing.”

Just as he leads an experienced team in the operating room, Kolovich knew he needed an expert team to design, develop, manufacture, and market his invention, the Micro C™ imaging solution. Because the solution combines a compact and complex device with software, consumables, and service support, the leadership team’s composition would demand a unique range of expertise and experience. To enhance Kolovich’s background as a MD/MPH and Georgia Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, he recruited two more outstanding Georgia Tech (GT) alumni: Evan Ruff, CEO, with GT Computer Engineering and MBA degrees and Kirby Sisk, COO, with GT Mechanical Engineering and MBA degrees. Micro C operates in both Savannah and Atlanta, tapping into the business, technology, academic, and funding resources in both Georgia cities.

The team is focused on the Q2 2017 introduction with each member taking responsibility for critical milestones. As Chief Executive Officer, Evan Ruff leads the company’s business and technology functions to meet financial and regulatory objectives and to apply best practices in software and hardware engineering. While managing the growing Micro C patent portfolio, Ruff reports, “It is of utmost importance to protect our unique intellectual property, which is under continuous development by the team.” He adds, “This dovetails well with my responsibility with investor relations, as investors are keenly interested in how we are building value as we achieve each key milestone, including patent filings and awards.” Ruff rounds out his business responsibilities with managing the go-to-market strategy necessary to enter target markets with a solution that is revolutionary, not just evolutionary. The company will employ creative marketing methods to engage industry sales partners and customers in adopting the entirety of the Micro C solution: hardware, software, service, and consumables.

Kirby Sisk likes a challenge. As Chief Operating Officer, Sisk oversees the entirety of the manufacturing and quality control process. He manages the Micro C supply chain and interfaces with the hardware engineers to refine, mature and advance the manufacturing design of the device. By utilizing his extensive experience in the aerospace industry, Sisk works closely with design engineers and suppliers to constantly refine the composition of the device and its components. He explains, “We are entering new territory by developing a traditional camera with an X-ray emitter that simultaneously captures both a fluoroscopic and traditional images without the need to reset the extremity.” Sisk continues, “With past and current relationships with the people and programs at Georgia Tech, including our Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Accelerate membership spanning Atlanta and Savannah, we expect to bring both commerce and pride to the state of Georgia.” Micro C counts the Atlanta-based Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI), the Southeast’s first and only comprehensive medical device innovation center, as a key partner.

As Chief Medical Officer, Greg Kolovich leads the research and academic initiatives for Micro C. The company is submitting its first grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health with a focus on developing mobile versions for use in home health care, rural health care, and life and limb-saving medical missions in developing countries.

About Micro C™
Micro C™ is a groundbreaking medical imaging solution designed for surgeons and physicians treating disorders of the extremities that combines a compact, hand-held X-ray and digital still, video and thermal cameras, software, service and consumables. It is designed to deliver greater accuracy, clarity, safety, and speed, replacing 60-year-old X-ray and fluoroscopy equipment that is bulky, expensive and less safe. The Micro C™ solution is delivered with an ergonomically-designed hand-held fluoroscopy device and separate, book-sized image receptor. Invented by an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Chief Medical Officer and Founder Greg Kolovich MD/MPH, he has organized a leadership team of fellow Georgia Institute of Technology graduates: Evan Ruff as Chief Executive Officer and Kirby Sisk as Chief Operations Officer. The primary market for Micro C is U.S. operative facilities (outpatient and inpatient) and orthopedic practices. Orthopedic surgeries that especially can benefit from use of Micro C are hand and foot and ankle, sports medicine, and adult knee. The company’s target markets will expand after initial adoption to rural hospitals and practice offices and internationally, including its use as a primary diagnostic tool for Asian, Eurasian and South American health systems.