Micro C Makes X-Ray Machines Miniature To Move Along Mending

This article was published by Hypepotamus

Savannah-based medical startup Micro C is streamlining the 60-year-old imaging process with its dynamic handheld X-ray and digital camera. Aimed at surgeons working on extremities — for example, hand, foot and ankle — Micro C increases accuracy, clarity and most importantly, speed. The handheld X-ray takes imaging time from minutes to seconds, reducing the patient’s OR time, saving money and decreasing anesthesia risk.

In addition to speed, the Micro C also provides advanced safety features. It currently uses the lowest dose of any direct digital radiography (DDR) system available on the market today. The low-dose system helps to reduce any radiation exposure for providers, patients, and staff. It’s advanced technology design also offers cloud-connection, giving providers instant access to the information they need anywhere, at any time. The high-resolution output also provides enhanced charity.

The man behind the design is Dr. Gregory Kolovich, an orthopedic hand and micro-surgeon, who saw the issues behind the traditional imaging process while performing hand surgery at Harvard. A typical C arm, the current instrument being used, doesn’t give the doctor as much flexibility to capture the injury and it’s double the price of Micro C. The C arm was developed in 1955, it is time for an upgrade.

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