OXOS Receives FDA Clearance For First of Its Kind AI-Automated Radiation Dose Engine

AiLARA determines the appropriate x-ray settings to minimize radiation exposure for high-quality, low dosage diagnostic images.

ATLANTA—(March 10, 2022)—OXOS Medical, the rising MedTech company creating radiographic diagnostic tools, announced FDA clearance of its AiLARA System. This system automates the implementation of the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle for OXOS’s portable X-ray unit, the Micro C. AiLARA makes it simple to take very low-dose X-ray images, reduce reshoots, maintain image quality, and streamline patient care. Operators and patients can trust that their radiation exposure is low and safe with AiLARA.

ALARA serves as the guiding radiation safety principle, stating that an operator should always seek to select the lowest radiation level possible to generate a clinically relevant image. In radiographic imaging, Clinicians can practice the ALARA principle by adjusting the settings and positioning the x-ray source to reduce the radiation exposure to the patient and operator. However, this is a subjective task for the operating clinician, requiring both skill and experience.

The Micro C being used for a hand x-rayThe Micro C being used for a hand X-ray

The Micro C being used for a hand X-ray

AiLARA is the world’s first AI-powered, automated, dynamic radiation dose engine. The system implements ALARA in the Micro C family of instruments, automatically selecting a low dose. AiLARA utilizes OXOS’s patented positioning system to determine the thickness of the anatomy, the distance from the x-ray source, and the distance from the detector.

A machine-learning algorithm then determines the appropriate X-ray settings, namely the X-ray tube voltage potential (kV), the beam current (mA), and the exposure time (ms). This process results in a clinically relevant X-ray image using the smallest radiation dose possible while maintaining OXOS’s industry-leading image quality.

“This is analogous to using the “auto” setting on a digital camera, enabling operators to use the Micro C in a point-and-shoot capacity—an industry-first for radiographic systems,” says Gage Carr, Image Intelligence Lead at OXOS Medical.

Diagnostic imaging is essential to modern healthcare, and maintaining safety with low-dose X-rays is critical. AiLARA makes it easy for any clinician, not just radiation technologists, to create quality X-ray images safely.
This FDA clearance contributes to a momentous first quarter for OXOS. The USPTO recently granted a US patent to OXOS for their novel rolling collimator. These recent successes highlight how OXOS improves the Micro C x-ray system and strives to produce radiographic technology accessible to anyone, anywhere. Customers using the Micro C will significantly benefit from these innovative advancements that directly put the future of accessible, low dosage x-rays into their hands.

About OXOS Medical

OXOS ® Medical puts the future of X-ray in your hands. Micro C ®, the first handheld Dynamic Digital Radiographic X-ray system, is faster, safer, and smarter than conventional X-ray solutions and has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510k clearance for radiographic imaging and DDR of the distal extremity in adults and children. Micro C brings radiologic diagnosis to the point of care with a handheld X-ray that delivers medical imaging with clarity and accuracy while operating safely without a radiation suite in most cases. The cloud-based OXOS® Platform offers growing capabilities for on-demand image management, telehealth collaboration, and delivery of AI diagnostics. Additional information at: https://oxos.com/ or info@oxos.com.
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  1. The Micro C is US FDA cleared and is available in the United States. Products may not be available for sale in all regions. Orders will be taken only in the regions where the product is cleared or approved by local regulatory authorities, as required.
  2. The MC2 is pending FDA Clearance. It is not available for sale in the United States.