OXOS Medical Scores US Patent for Rolling Collimator, Opening Access to Micro C X-ray Imaging System

New OXOS patent for rolling collimator x-ray technology simplifies execution and reduces reshoots and radiation exposure for distal extremity x-ray imaging

ATLANTA – (February 22, 2022) — OXOS Medical, the radiographic imaging company creating point of care x-ray diagnostics, has announced the award of a US patent for an innovative, rolling collimator, making Micro C even easier to use. The patent details advanced collimator mechanisms, vital to x-ray imaging, eliminating the need to readjust the positioning of the x-ray emitter and detector for handheld and portable systems. This invention is crucial to simplifying the diagnostic processes.

“My surgeon colleagues and I found traditional imaging systems cumbersome, whereas the portables produced poor quality [x-ray] images,” said Gregory Kolovich, MD CEO and Founder OXOS Medical Inc. “At OXOS, we developed a ‘rolling collimator’ to keep the x-ray field in the best orientation. This patent issuance recognizes the novel and unique approach we took to make better imaging systems.”

The OXOS rolling collimator autonomously optimizes the emission field size based on the emitter’s positioning in three-dimensional space. The novel self-adjusting component of the collimator reorientates the emission field by leveraging the sensor array system and associated OXOS position tracking system. The coupling of these systems contributes to maintaining the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle when assessing potential radiation exposure for the patient and user. This advancement in radiographic technology is valuable to those looking to decrease reshoots and excessive adjustments to minimize radiation exposure and obtain the best x-ray image for clinical decision-making.

“The active collimator is one of the most innovative features in Micro C and a critical part of clinical workflow. The machine handles safety, allowing me to concentrate on the patient,” says Dr. Elliot Robinson of OrthoGeorgia.

The Micro C being used in clinic for hand and wrist x-ray imaging

The Micro C being used in clinic for hand and wrist x-ray imaging

The Micro C being used in clinic for hand and wrist x-ray imaging

OXOS looks to continue producing impactful, innovative solutions that are the best at addressing key pain points in medical imaging. CEO Evan Ruff notes, “OXOS’ goal is to create the safest, smartest, most easy to use x-ray instrument possible. Adding this patent to our growing portfolio demonstrates our commitment to making radiographic imaging accessible to anyone, anywhere.”

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OXOS™ Medical puts the future of X-ray in your hands. OXOS Micro CⓇ, the first handheld Dynamic Digital Radiographic X-ray system, is faster, safer, and smarter than conventional x-ray solutions and has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510k clearance for radiographic imaging and DDR of the distal extremity in adults and children. Micro C brings radiologic diagnosis to the point of care with a handheld X-ray that delivers medical imaging with clarity and accuracy while operating safely without a radiation suite in most cases. The cloud-based OXOS™ Platform offers growing capabilities for on-demand image management, telehealth collaboration, and delivery of AI diagnostics. Additional information at oxos.com or email info@oxos.com.


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